Greeting from the dormitory manager

Dormitory manager  Kazutaka Hongo

The National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College’s dormitory “Koshi-ryo” is located on the premises of the school, full-time staff is placed in the dormitory, teachers are stationed at night, and daring support is being done.

At Koshi Dormitory, 134 boys and girls students together live in now. Five international students and short-term international students may live together during their stay (1 to 3 months), and international exchange is possible even in the dormitory.

Dormitory life has various advantages.Students in the dormitory can use meaningfully for learning and club activities etc., “time margin” is available for other students’ time spent attending school.  Also, “collective life” where regular lifestyle and social skills are acquired is typical. Of course, not all the advantages.Immediately after entering the dormitory, some students are unable to use their time in meaningful ways and can not study. Some students are unfamiliar with collective life and feel stress. However, there are guidance and support of the dormitory staff and senior students, and it seems to be familiar by the time past the sports festival(late May).

The student council officers and senior students in the dorms where the dormitories are responsible for many division activities will acquire autonomy, responsibility and leadership in executive activities and dorm life. I expect to be a model for the National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College student as well as studying, departmental activities, and living attitudes as well as getting my lifetime friends through my dorm life.

The number of girls ‘dorms will increase from this fiscal year, and the voices of female students’ cheerful greetings will be heard within the dormitory. It would be greatly appreciated if you and junior high school students who are thinking of going to the National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College from far to understand about Koshi dormitory and refer to your career.