Greeting from the dormitory leaders

Boy’s dormitory leader

Materials Chemistry Course, 5th  Ueno So

Hello.I am Ueno of the 5th grade of Materials Chemistry course, I will serve as a boys dormitory leader this fiscal year.The dormitory events held every year are being student-based and working on it. I will introduce some charm about each event. In the dormitory match, we have volleyball at the newcomer welcome party, softball in summer, soccer in winter. Make teams that mix all of the 1st to 5th grade and play against each other. In any competition, you can watch a game that is very incandescent. And since the winning team gets the prize money, everyone is desperately trying hard! (smile)  In addition, at the summer festival, Christmas party, and  graduate dormitory party, luxurious meals can be served and delicious. At that time, I’m doing some funny entertainment and bingo game of lower grade student, and  everyone having a good time. I hope that everyone will do my best to make these events exciting this fiscal year as well. Nice to meet you.

Girl’s dormitory leader

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course, 5th  Yamate Chisayo

I will serve as a girls dormitory leader. My name is Yamate Chisayo.
This year the girls dormitory has been extended, new students also entered a lot, so feel it flourished girls dormitory.

In our girls dormitory, we especially value “greetings”. Since greetings are important in coming out to society in the future, I am aiming for a bright girls dormitory, which can greet anyone.

When we entered the dormitory there were few people and there were many difficulties, but while keeping the tradition of the girls dormitory from the 1st grade, we will continue to strive for a dormitory where girls residents can have a good time . Nice to meet you.