International students studying at our school

Now, five international students live in the dormitory while studying at National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College.They come from various countries.Three of them will be introduced here. Please look at self-introduction.

Admission April 2017 Nabeel (from Malaysia)

Nice to meet you, I am Nabeel. It is called navi. I am from Malaysia. I will be twenty years old soon. Class is third grade Robotics and Mechatronics Course. Before coming to Japan, I studied Japanese in Malaysia. However, because I have been studying for only two years, Japanese is not very good yet . I studied 1500 Kanji in Malaysia. But,It is not enough yet. So, I would like to study more from now.

Do you know about Malaysia? Well, some people do not know it, and some people know. Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. The neighboring countries are Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia. Malaysia and Japan have different points. There is no season in Malaysia. Instead, at Malaysia, the weather is like summer all year round. The temperature in Malaysia is roughly 30 – 34 degrees. It’s hard . But Malaysia has many islands and the sea is also beautiful. Especially State of Sabah. There are lots of travel places, so please go ahead. (smile)

I like traveling the most. I have been to various places since I came to Japan.

I went to Osaka and Tokyo. It is one of my purpose of studying abroad in Japan. But there are other reasons. That is a scholarship received from the Malaysia government. When I was a high school student, I was able to receive this scholarship from the Malaysia Government as the result of the national exam was good.

I can speak English and I can speak Japanese so please talk to me without being shy.



Admission April 2017 Noushue (from Laos)

Nice to meet you, I am called Noushue from Laos. More than a year passed since I came to Japan. However, because Japanese is not yet good, I still do not understand many things. But I understand that Japanese culture and customs are wonderful. I would like to have lots of different experiences in Japan for three years, so thank you.

By the way, I would like to introduce Laos a bit. Laos is a republic nation located on the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. The area is 236,800 square kilometers, and the population in 2017 is 6.97 million people. About 70% of Laos is a natural country, highlands and mountainous areas with no ocean, borders with Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and China. The Mekong River flows from the northern mountain area to the west, making fertile land. In Laos there are 68 nationalities to meet, there are each word and custom, but the language is Lao.

Since I was a junior high school student, I wanted to hope to study abroad. I was interested in Japanese technology and study abroad by knowing Japanese information through the Internet. I came to in Japan last April. When I just started going to Japanese language school, I did not understand Japanese and it was very difficult. Japanese is also difficult, because culture and living are different. And troubled things have also increased. But, Japanese culture and customs are very interesting, I participated in various activities, Japanese food was delicious, everyone gave me kindness. So, now I am gradually getting used to life and have fun.

From now on, I would like to experience while studying Japanese technology for 3 years at National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College. And I will do my best to study in Materials Chemistry Course.



Admission April 2016  Yunita (from Indonesia)

Nice to meet you, this is Yunita from Indonesia.

I have been in National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College for another 1 year and 2 months have passed. This year, I am a 4th grade Materials Chemistry Course.

Last year, my experience of entering college was sometimes painful or joyful. The Japanese language skills were insufficient, it took a while to investigate, it was hard to read and understand textbooks. A good friend of mine was in class and helped us live at school. Also, in this college, there are several students who have experience of studying abroad, they have wide vision and understand my feelings of studying abroad well. I am very grateful and I am wonderful.

Since I do not know Japanese culture and institutions and systems yet, I often have difficulty learning and living in Japan. However, the people in the office work in the dormitory were very kind and I was happy that they helped us living in Japan variously.

Besides the dormitory and the school there are Japanese host families and they are very kindness, sometimes traveling together and staying at home.

Also, even if my friend from my home country left me, I did not forget about me and the contact came frequently. I cherish old friends and Japanese friends!

I am thankful I thought that being able to meet such kind people in Japan is the best thing in Japan. As expected, such people are more important than anything!